• What is the weight of full and empty magazine?
    Empty magazine has a weight of 700 g/ 1,54 lb. The weight of fully loaded magazine depends on the rounds used.
  • What is the capacity of PowerMag?
    20 rounds.
  • Is it possible to use 3" rounds (e.g. Buckshot) with PowerMag?
    Yes, PowerMag supports 3" rounds.
  • What materials is PowerMag built of?
    PowerMag is built of high-end hardened dural, the inner parts are made of stainless steel.
  • What way is used to manufacture PowerMag?
    PowerMag is manufactured on high class CNC machines in a company, which has many years experience in aircraft and automobile industry.
  • Is it possible to use PowerMag with Saiga 12 shotgun?
    Yes, PowerMag can be used with any factory made or modified Saiga 12.
  • Is it possible to attach PowerMag to my belt?
    Yes, every package contains a clip to attach PowerMag to your belt.
  • How long does it take to deliver PowerMag to my country after I made an order?
    Our great advantage is, that we have sufficient number of magazines in stock. Orders are executed within 2 working days, the date of delivery depends on the selected type of shipping.
  • Is it possible to ship PowerMag also to USA?
    Yes, PowerMag can be delivered in all countries worldwide.
  • What are the possible ways of shipping?
    Type of shipping depends on customers choice. You can get PowerMag within 3 days, when choosing EXPRESS shipping, it takes 7 days with STANDARD shipping, or 14 working days with ECONOMY shipping.
  • Is PowerMag fast enough? It will get stuck when shooting doubletap, wont'it?s
    No, it will definitely not get stuck. PowerMag serves faster than the cadency of the weapon is.. You're not that fast :o).
  • What does Maxrounds think about various restrictions?
    The same as Mr. Bastiat
  • What type of ummunition you can use for PowerMag?
    You can use any type of ammunition, which does not exceed lenght of 65mm and is not shorter than 58mm, in packaged form.
  • What is the optimum load?
    The optimum load is around 32-36g, some saigas work also with 24g, but i tis not matter of a mag, but i tis about the gun.